Our range of innovative product solutions, all of which can be specifically tailored to our clients specific needs, are designed to deliver performance, flexibility and, above all, value.

Finclear Financial Services is a team of dedicated financial professionals who, through their experience, their expertise, their shared vision and their passion, strive to bring prosperity, security and peace of mind to their clients.

We believe that our own success is inseparable from the success of our clients, and of our country as a whole. Prosperity is best when shared. With this in mind we strive, as a company, to act generously, advise sincerely, plan carefully and invest wisely, so as to improve the lives of people and the quality of our environment, for generations to come.

Here is the list of some of our Service Providers

  • Discovery
  • momentum
  • Allan-Gray
  • Investec
  • Old-Mutual
  • Sanlam

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