Estate Planning

Looking after your legacy

The Estate

The term ‘ an estate’ refers to everything a person owns; it includes everything from money, property, investments and houses to cars, clothing and jewellery as well as all any other personal effects.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an official process which involves the handover of an estate in the event of death. Estate planning, when done correctly, ensures that a deceased’s beneficiaries receive due assets, concerning capital benefits and the transference of assets.

Simply put, Estate Planning is the process of ensuring that your beneficiaries inherit and get the most from, your legacy in the event of your passing. Typically, Estate Plans ensure immediate capital is available (to satisfy immediate cash-flow requirements), they guarantee that your dependants and family are provided for, completing the bequests of your Last Will and Testament.

A well-constructed Estate Plan will also assign guardians to minors and set up family trusts in accordance with your wishes.

The Last Will and Testament

A Will is an official legal document that distributes your assets amongst your beneficiaries as per your wishes. In the event of your death, a correctly constructed Will must state the authorised recipients and allocations of your assets. It will also set out your specific instructions regarding any minor dependents, who may need future care.

The requests in the Last Will and Testament are legally binding and cannot be dictated by the State. Preserving inheritances in trust for the sole use of your beneficiaries and as such, are not subject to the governmental “Guardian Fund.” It will also ensure that capable and accountable professionals are contracted to appropriately manage your estate and trust assets.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a widely used term relating to the field of estate planning as well as succession. It allows the appointed person or organisation (known as an agent or attorney-in-fact) the legal right to handle all your affairs, should you become unable to.

The Finclear promise

Finclear Financial Services are specialist Estate planners and drafters, we professionally maintain and administer the Last Will and Testament with care and attention. Furthermore, we pledge to efficiently manage any family trusts set up in accordance with the Will; this is designed to ensure that the deceased’s last wishes are correctly followed and that their loved one's needs are being attended to in an appropriate manner.

Observing the best possible financial practice, we ensure that the maximum value of the estate is transferred, with attention on the minimising of payable fees and taxes. We ensure that the benefits are transferred in the shortest possible time, reviewing our plans on an ongoing basis.

Financial Services will take into account the accumulation and establishment of new assets as well as changes in asset management and amendments to the Last Will and Testament.

Finclear is proud to be registered broker for:
  • Capital Legacy