Grow Your Wealth

To aid you in meeting your unique goals and investment objectives, Finclear Advisory Services facilitate and provide you with a broad range of organised, straightforward investment options and retirement plans. All investment options and retirement plans are grouped into four clear segments, allowing for easy selection:

Local Investments

Finclear Financial Solutions makes two types of local investment plans available to you, both of which can be tailored to meet your unique and exact requirements.

  • Endowment Plan
  • Flexible Investment Plan

Each investment plan offered by Finclear Financial Solutions allows efficient access to your investment funds, personalised investment timeframes as well as tax efficiency.

Guaranteed Investments

After a five-year period, investors collect a guaranteed return on their initial investment.

Finclear Financial Services makes available, two types of guaranteed investments:

  • Guaranteed Growth Plan
  • Guaranteed Income Plan

Offshore Investments

The management of all our offshore funds are in the hands of highly experienced, global resource providers. They offer international diversification in:

  • Currency
  • Geographic region
  • Asset class

We offer two types of offshore plans, both of which are uniquely designed to meet an investor’s specific needs.

  • Offshore Endowment Plans
  • Offshore Flexible Investment Plan

Retirement Investments

At Finclear Financial Services, we offer an assortment of Retirement Investments, providing you with the perfect platform retirement savings and the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding income upon retirement.

Each plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Retirement Plan
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Preserver Plan

The selection of your retirement plan should only be made by a process of careful and thoughtful planning.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a process; its aim is to prepare yourself financially for the time when you are no longer earning an income.

Strategizing in preparation for retirement ensures that the transition into retirement is smooth. When work comes to an end, you will not be placed a position of struggle. Instead, you will simply be able to enjoy this time in your life. The financial aspects of retirement are important factors of your approach but planning should be all encompassing and consideration should be paid to the type of lifestyle you wish to have, where you will want to live and the activities you intend to undertake.

It is important to set retirement income goals and how you intend to achieve them. This process involves:

  • Asset Management
  • Expense Estimation
  • Identifying Income Sources
  • Implementing a Savings Program

The phases of retirement planning

As you mature, so too will the nature of your retirement plan. At the start of your career, the emphasis is on financial savings and ensuring that you have amassed enough money to live comfortably when the time comes to retire. When your career is at its peak, you may wish to set and reach a specific income or asset target. In the years before retirement, once your assets are officially determined, the emphasis will change from financial stability to the type lifestyle you hope to have.

Finclear Financial Services are registered brokers for the following companies:

  • Discovery
  • Liberty
  • Momentum
  • Allan Gray
  • Stanlib
  • Glacier